Planetary Urbanism | ARCH+ Competition

thumbPlanetary Urbanism

KRITIK DER GEGENWART im Medium des Information Design

Submissions: 15. Juli 2015

Registration: 1. Juli 2015

awarded by the Journal ARCH+
with the support of the Federal Foreign Office, Germany
consulted by the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU)

THE TOPIC | Hastened by industrialisation, the progressive urbanisation of our world has profoundly transformed the planet and continues to do so. The impacts of these changes have not yet been grasped in full, and an end to this process is not foreseeable.

Cities were always centres of innovation and the driving force of developments, throughout all epochs and cultures. The organisation of life in cities formed the starting point for the development of structures based on the division of labour and hence the release of creative potentials that benefited science, technology and the arts, for the accumulation of capital, increasing prosperity and the refinement of life. With few exceptions, cities were also the stages on which the struggles for more social equality and for societal progress played out. Cities are likely humankind’s greatest cultural achievement and, in this respect, a marker of the Anthropocene period, the geological age defined by human activity. …

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